API URL https://zsmmprovider.com/api/v2
Return format JSON

Service List

parameters Explanation
key Your API Key
action services

Sample return

        "service": 1,
        "name": "Followers",
        "type": "Default",
        "category": "First Category",
        "rate": "0.90",
        "min": "50",
        "max": "10000"
        "service": 2,
        "name": "Comments",
        "type": "Custom Comments",
        "category": "Second Category",
        "rate": "8",
        "min": "10",
        "max": "1500"

New order

Parameter Explanation
key Your API Key
action add
service Service ID
link Service connection
quantity Quantity
runs (optionally) Runs to deliver
interval (optionally) Interval in minutes

Sample return

    "order": 23501

Order status

Parameter Explanation
key Your API Key
action status
order Order ID

Sample return

    "charge": "0.27819",
    "start_count": "3572",
    "status": "Partial",
    "remains": "157",
    "currency": "USD"

User balance

Parameter Explanation
key Your API Key
action balance

Sample return

    "balance": "100.84292",
    "currency": "USD"
Sample PHP file
Profile Picture

Mr. Zohaib Bodla

I am an Expert Social media marketing services bulk seller. As a social media marketer, my role is to create and execute social media marketing strategies for businesses or individuals to help them achieve their marketing goals. My primary objective is to build a strong social media presence for my clients by increasing their followers, engaging with their audience, and driving traffic to their website, online store or any of their social media account.


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